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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Teacher Education

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Rebecca Martusewicz, EdD, Co-Chair

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Ethan Lowenstein, PhD, Co-Chair

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Joe Ramsey, PhD

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Phil Smith, PhD


Writing about experiences as a white, middle-class Madwoman, this dissertation explores the intersections between Mad studies and EcoJustice education using an arts-based, specifically poetic inquiry and fiction-based research, and autoethnographic approach. Weaving together the creative and academic, this writing is combined memoir, fiction, poetics, and theory on living Mad in a saneist, anthropocentric culture. In considering hierarchized thinking across disciplines, this collection of manuscripts examines how arts-based and autoethnographic approaches provide holistic, engaged, and accessible opportunities to Mad scholars to resist and explore experiences of oppression, Othering, and dominance while exploring how these ideologically relate to the larger living world. Aiming to be written in an accessible format, the three manuscripts included in this dissertation describe, explore, imagine, and offer possible methodologies for Mad storytelling. Each chapter offers a complete published piece, but considered together they collectively offer a connected imagining of an Art-Eco-Mad ethic from methodology to practice.