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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Claudia Drossel, PhD, PhD

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Adam M. Briggs, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA-MI

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Angela D. Staples, PhD


Clinical judgments of capacity have implications for the rights of the individual being assessed. While supported decision-making is recommended, it is not clear whether laypeople have sufficient knowledge to advocate for maximizing the autonomy of the person they assist. This study developed and evaluated a brief, computer-based intervention to increase knowledge about decision-making capacity, using a Solomon four-group design. A convenience sample of 160 participants completed the study via an online survey platform. Knowledge was assessed with a test designed for this study. A 2 x 2 factorial ANOVA found no pre-test sensitization, F(1, 156) = 0.09, p = .77, partial η2 = 0.00056, and suggested a causal relationship between engagement with the educational intervention and improved post-test scores on the knowledge quiz, F(1, 156) = 6.71, p < .05, partial η2 = .04. Computer-based interventions may be an effective means of disseminating knowledge about decision-making capacity to the public.