African American Women and Hypertension: Their Resources of Information, Knowledge Level, and Health Promoting Behaviors

Winnie Wood


The purpose of this study was to describe the information resources, level of knowledge on hypertension, and health promoting behaviors (diet and exercise) of young African American women, and to determine whether there was a relationship between their knowledge level and health promoting behaviors (diet and exercise). The study sample consisted of African American women (N=31) 18 to 30 years old. Data was collected using a demographic questionnaire, High Blood Pressure IQ Quiz, and the Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile II. Participants reported they received majority of their information from doctors, family, television, and schools. Participants scored an average of 70% on the High Blood Pressure IQ Quiz. No significant positive correlation was detected between knowledge level and health promoting behaviors diet (r = -.060) and exercise (r =.199). The implication from this study is that further research is needed to determine the variables affecting hypertension knowledge and health promoting behaviors.