Rukmini Sen

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Health Sciences

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Anahita M. Mistry, Ph.D (Chair)

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George Liepa, Ph.D

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Lydia Kret, M.S., RD


The prevalence of obesity is problematic in the United States. The objectives of the present study were to determine the extent of obesity in students studying at Eastern Michigan University and to evaluate their diet quality. Body Mass Index (BMI) of students (19-30 years, n=100) was measured from self-reported heights and weights as a benchmark of their weight category. Intakes of total energy (kilocalories), macronutrients and key micronutrients were assessed from three-day food diaries maintained by participants and compared with the Dietary Reference Intake Standards. Results indicated that 4% of EMU students were underweight, 52% were within a normal weight range, 28% were overweight, and 16% were obese. No linear relationships existed between BMI and energy intake. Consumption of most nutrients, except sodium were within the Recommended Dietary Guidelines. Since 44% of students at EMU are overweight or obese, a health promotion campaign aimed at weight control is warranted.

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