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Open Access Thesis

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Communication, Media and Theatre Arts

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Michael Tew, PhD, Chair

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Dennis Patrick, PhD

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Raymond Quiel


Metaphoric and tropic language have been a hallmark of human communication throughout the ages. From ancient examples and first attempts at scholarly understanding to postmodern lexicons of metaphor theory in two-dozen disciplines, the understanding of this lingual phenomenon has evolved and grown over arguably the entire length of human history. Communication scholars note the presence and prevalence of tropic language in practice and assert the power that it may have on how humans conceptualize the world around them.

Presented here is complete theory based in these long lines of lingual thought that asserts a direct and powerful relationship between language use and thought, belief, understanding, and action. Amidst a growing database of communication theory offering prediction and solution, this theory of explanation includes a complete philosophical grounding and a methodology for understanding metaphoric perspectives in action. The present work continues by offering two extended examples of the theory in application.