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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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David Kass, PhD, Chair

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Michael Angell, PhD

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Aaron Liepman, PhD


This study was to determine if one or more loci are serving as a master gene for the amplification of LINE, ID, and mys elements, which mobilize via RNA, in Peromyscus maniculatus tissues, by the use of the RT-PCR technique. It was concluded that potentially more than one master gene is responsible for the amplification of LINE and mys in P.maniculatus. RT-PCR products of testes and brain for ID matched that of the BC1 gene, known to be the master gene for ID elements. However, none of the cloned products detected from ovary matched any gene available in the database. Therefore, L1 and ID might not be retrotransposed in the ovary, and BC1 might not be the master gene responsible for the amplification of the ID elements in ovary tissue. The ID in ovary potentially belongs to a more recent family of ID that hasn‘t been previously demonstrated in P.maniculatus.

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