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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Donald Snyder, PhD, Chair

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Timothy Friebe, PhD

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Gregg Wilmes, PhD


The main purpose of this project is to synthesize 2o - derivatives of 5-amino-1, 10- phenanthroline (5-aphen) for application as self-assembled monolayers on gold interdigitated electrode array chips in standard impedance and impedance resonance-based Cu2+ sensors. Potential applications include monitoring Cu2+ leaching from anti-fouling coatings on ship hulls. The importance of the planned secondary alkyl amino derivatives will be to test their binding properties to the gold surface through dithiocarbamate linkages by monitoring the IDE impedance signal. Practical sensor development requires good impedance response, maximum binding to the gold IDE chip, and maximum long term stability of the SAM, which provides the transducer element with sensitivity, selectivity, and reproducibility. In research work, three different synthetic routes were investigated for preparation of secondary N-alkyl 5-aphen derivatives. KI- catalyzed mono alkylation of 5-aphen with alkyl halides gave significantly better results than Pd/C catalyzed mono N-alkylation with aldehydes and alkylation of 5-aphen with the PPh3/DDQ system.

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