Sue Jean Park

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Music (MM)

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Music and Dance

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Anthony Iannaccone, Ph.D., Chair

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David Pierce, Ph.D.

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MeeAe Nam, Ph.D.


Fantasy on the Korean Folk Song “Arirang” is an original tone poem for orchestra of approximately nine minutes duration. It is based on the Korean folk song, Arirang. Arirang deals with the story of a woman who hopes for the return of her lover. The work divides into two sections, separated by an intense climax. While both sections exploit dramatic and lyrical elements implicit in the story, the second section focuses more on the lyric aspect of the folk song and legend, and ends in tranquillity reminiscent of the opening. A variety of modern harmonic, textural, and rhythmic treatments blend and contrast the Korean folk elements with modern developmental procedures. Although the entire folk song refrain appears early in the first section, most of the fantasy transforms and develops fragments extracted from the original folk melody.

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