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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Communication, Media and Theatre Arts

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Dennis Patrick, Ph.D, Chair

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Michael Tew, Ph.D

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Kathleen Stacey, Ph.D


This communication study examined in-depth interviews, the situational perceptions and self-awareness of individuals who bullied in middle school and/or high school. Research statement one is what motivates an individual to engage in bullying behavior and/or become a bully. Research statement two is the bully’s situational perceptions of bullying. Quantitative and qualitative research was implemented to set up the context and situation for underlying themes from the in-depth interviews. Results showed that children do not take responsibility for their bullying and will not stop unless forced to. Furthermore, the adults perceived parents and school officials to have an important role in teaching children about bullying because they did not realize the importance of their actions until they were significantly older.