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Rebecca Martusewicz, EdD, Chair

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Elizabeth Currans, PhD

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Joe Bishop, PhD


This paper analyzes gender issues starting from the early twentieth century to the present day and their connection to other social issues in Tajikistan. Presenting extensive research on gender issues within this time frame, it argues that to build a holistically sustainable society with a strong democracy, Tajikistan needs to address gender issues and rethink its education system. In order to give a broader picture of women’s position in Tajikistan, this study traced perspectives on the contributions of women during the Soviet Era and after its collapse, focusing on how the unequal treatment of women was and is a barrier to the achievement of democracy, which is the core of sustainability in any given society. This study uses feminist and critical theories throughout the paper and connects it with democracy and sustainability. It uses other research done on gender issues in Tajikistan and uses other media sources to give a fuller picture of this issue in Tajik culture. As a result, it comes up with some suggestions of addressing gender issues that would contribute enormously to the building of a sustainable and democratic country in Tajikistan.