Erica Zonder

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Health Promotion and Human Performance

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Brenda Riemer, Ph.D., Chair

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Andrew Cornett, Ph.D.

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Melody Reifel Werner, Ed.D.


This study examined the effect of the increase in the number of international student-athletes in Division I college athletics on the experience of international and domestic student-athletes, specifically by investigating the perceptions of female athletes participating in sports that have high percentages of international student-athlete involvement. Scholarship opportunities, school choice, playing time, and recruiting areall areas that were explored through a questionnaire. This study potentially fills a gap in the research regarding the increased participation by international student-athletes on both the domestic and international student-athlete experience. Results indicated that international and domestic student-athletes had different perceptions of their recruiting experience than student-athletes of the opposite status, and further, different factors were important in terms of school choice. Both domestic and international student-athletes believed that there were similar scholarship opportunities in their sport, regardless of status, and further, that their sport had a high number of international participants.