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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Engineering Technology

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John Texter, PhD, Chair

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Vijay Mannari, PhD

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Wade Shen, PhD


Solvent-free nanofluids are a new and exciting class of material that evolved to address the limitations of their predecessors, nanocomposites. One of the most exciting aspects of solvent-free nanofluids is the wide range of tools chemists have to build and study them. Understanding how the structure manipulations impact the rheology of the resulting solvent-free nanofluids is essential if solvent-free nanofluids are truly the technology of the future. This work documents the basic rheological parameters, thermal transitions, and curing kinetics of various solvent-free nanofluids synthesized by Zhiming Qiu and Kejian Bian at the Coating Research Institute at Eastern Michigan University.