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Open Access Thesis

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Health Sciences

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Stephen A. Sonstein, PhD, Chair

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Ronald F. Maio, D.O., MS

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Irwin Martin, PhD


The primary goals of clinical research monitoring are to assure adequate protection of the rights of human subjects, and the safety of all subjects involved in clinical investigations or clinical trials, and the quality and integrity of the data generated from clinical trials. Adequate monitoring of clinical trials can prevent the occurrence of significant problems, which may affect the entire process of bringing a new drug to market. The proper monitoring of clinical trials is a challenge. In spite of well established regulations and guidance, there remain many monitoring related concerns in clinical trials (e.g. protocol deviations and violations, IRB violations, improper adverse event reporting, etc). The survey results indicate that clinical research coordinators believe that there are concerns in the monitoring process, and that the quality of monitoring varies from monitor to monitor. Results also suggest that some monitors are exceptional, where as some monitors are abysmal.