Jill Ortmann

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Lorraine M. Wilson, RN, PhD, Chair

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Virginia Lan, RN, PhD


The purpose of this descriptive/correlational study was to describe what perioperative nurses practicing in southeastern Michigan know about the Perioperative Nursing Data Set (PNDS), how they are utilizing the PNDS, and their opinion of the PNDS, and also to examine the relationship between these variables and demographic data. Four research questions were addressed by the use of a questionnaire.

The results of this study were drawn from the return of 151 questionnaires out of a possible 319 questionnaires submitted to practicing perioperative registered nurses (RNs) in southeastern Michigan (47 percent return rate). These results showed that overall, perioperative RNs did not know much about the PNDS; however, their perceived knowledge of the PNDS was not significantly correlated with their actual knowledge of the PNDS. RNs holding a certificate in nursing in the operating room (CNOR) were significantly more knowledgeable about the PNDS. In the area of utilization, most RNs indicated that they did not know if their facility was using the PNDS in areas such as documentation, either electronically or by paper record, in orientation programs, in staff competencies, or in research. The opinion section showed, however, a general agreement that the PNDS could be beneficial to their practice as perioperative RNs. The opinion section also indicated that most RNs agree they would like to learn more about the PNDS.

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