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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Steven Pernecky, Ph.D., Chair

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Heather Holmes, Ph.D.

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Cory Emal, Ph.D.


Myoglobin (Mb) and Myoglobin-H (Mb-H) react with glycerophosphocholine (GPC) lipid in the presence of oxygen. This reaction allows the heme group in the protein the chance to induce peroxidation reactions with the lipid. Several aldehyde products of this type of reaction with arachadonic acid have previously been determined, with Mb generating greater quantities of aldehyde products than Mb-H. The focus of this research was to establish the presence of some products from the reactions of Mb and Mb-H with GPC (which contains arachadonic acid) that are more prevalent from Mb-H than Mb, or that only form from the reaction of Mb-H with GPC. A combination of spectrophotometry, TLC, and ion-trapping GC-MS was used to establish the generation of an oxidation product of arachidonic acid metabolism that is generated in larger quantities by the reaction of Mb-H with GPC than by the reaction of Mb with the same lipid.

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