Na Han

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Engineering Technology

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Shinming S. Shyu, Ph. D., RA, LEED AP

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Jiang Lu, Ph. D.

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James J. Stein, Ph. D.


Originated in the realm of philosophy, environmental ethics takes into consideration the moral relationship between human and non-human world. In light of the severe impact by human activities on this planet, environmental sustainability has become an extremely important issue that prompts building designers to perform in accordance with sustainable principles to create comfortable, eco-friendly space. Moreover, it is to be our obligation to preserve the environment for the future generations to come. This research studies environmental ethics and sustainability with a focus on sustainable ethics and strategies introduced in traditional Korean building design. It explores how renewable principles and materials were used in such a way that harmonizes the man-made with the natural environments. The paper argues that it is imperative to view environmental ethics as a universal value and traditional Korean building design may provide some valuable lessons.