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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Karen Saules, PhD, Chair

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Flora Hoodin, PhD

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Nina Nabors, PhD


This study compared information obtained from self-administered questionnaires (SAQ) and faceto- face interview (FTFI) versions of the HIV Risk-taking Behavior Scale. This study also compared women intravenous drug users (IVDU’s) and non-IVDU’s on rates of HIV risk behaviors and the extent to which unstable housing, unemployment, single parenthood, barriers to accessing health care, and number of years of drug abuse predicted HIV risk. There were no differences in rates of risk behavior reported between SAQ and FTFI formats. IVDU’s had higher sexual risk behaviors than non-IVDU’s. Unstable housing significantly predicted risk behavior. Relative to those with more education, those with less than a high school education disclosed more through FTFI than SAQ. Results suggest that, among relatively educated samples, SAQ administration may yield equal rates of disclosure of HIV risk behavior in a more cost- and time-efficient manner.

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