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Philip Smith, Ed.D.

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Jacquelyn McGinnis, Ph.D.


This study duplicated the survey research of Robinson-Zanartu and Majel-Dixon in their 1996 article "Parent Voices: American Indian Relationships with Schools" published in The Journal of American Indian Education. Two hypotheses were investigated in this study. The first hypothesis was that due to the increase in multicultural education training that teachers receive as pre-service teachers and in professional development, there would be an increase in Native American parent/community satisfaction with the schools that service their children. The second hypothesis was that due to this multicultural education training there would be a reduction in referrals of Native American students to special education programs. Although there was a slight improvement in satisfaction on the Likert Scale portion of the survey, the open-ended responses indicated much of the same frustrations documented in the original study. The data collected in the current study documented a reduction of Native American student referrals to special education.

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