Eric J. Warda

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Dr. Robert Neely

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Dr. Gary Hannan

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Dr. Dennis Jackson


The autotrophic component of periphyton on Typha angustifolia detritus was characterized in a freshwater wetland during a single growing season. 58 genera of algae and cyanobacteria, representing six divisions, were observed throughout the study period. Although the combined algae-cyanobacteria density from within and outside the Typha stands were significantly affected by both sample date and the combination of date and location, no significant differences occurred in biovolume. Similarly, no clear evidence of successional patterns was observed.

Although few significant interactions were observed, Typha detritus provided a substratum for vast numbers and biomass of periphyton. A combined density for the observed taxa within the Typha stand averaged 134,588 cells cm-2, while the density outside the stand averaged 108,853 cells cm-2. The average total biovolume for the taxa within the Typha stand was 245 x 106 ± 23 x 106 and 136 x 103 ± 314 x 106 um3 cm-2 outside.

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