Naseem Rayyan

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Physics and Astronomy

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Dr. J. P. Sheerin, Ph.D., Advisor

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Dr. M. Thomsen, Ph.D.

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Dr. P. Koehn, Ph.D.


The results of several atmospheric heating experiments, which we performed at the HAARP facility, are presented. We sought to provide a multidimensional characterization of the various artificial ionospheric heating features by varying HF aspect angle, HF pump frequency, UHF pointing angle, and heating pulse time. Through the use of the HAARP HF array and the MUIR UHF radar, we observed cascade (LDI), collapse (cavitons), parametric decay lines (PDI), outshifted plasma lines (OPL), overshoot, and artificial field aligned irregularities (AFAI), as well as some features that have not been previously studied, for instance, the “bursty” plasma lines. Through a collaborative effort with the University of Michigan’s RAX-2 satellite, we saw that the small cubesats may be able to detect artificially produced ionospheric irregularities such as AFAI during continuous heating experiments.

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Physics Commons