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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)


Health Sciences

Committee Member

Rubina S. Haque, Ph.D., R.D., Chair

Committee Member

Anahita Mistry, Ph.D.


Background: Diabetes self-management education/training (DSME/DSMT) is a tool for managing diabetes mellitus; however, a research gap exists regarding the clinical effectiveness of completing versus failing to complete a DSME/DSMT program.

Objective: This study determined the difference in effectiveness between a single initial individual DSMT session and completion of the full DSMT program via group classes by people with type 2 diabetes.

Methods: A retrospective study compared HbA1c and lipid values between the “individual education” and “group education” groups from pre- to post-program from the Presence St. Joseph Medical Center’s DSMT program.

Results: Statistically significant differences were not found between groups for HbA1c or lipids (p = 0.612). However, clinically significant differences were noted from pre- to post-program in HbA1c and all lipid values in favor of the program-completing group.

Conclusions: This study supports the efficacy of program completion in guiding HbA1c and lipid levels toward clinical targets when compared to the same laboratory values for non-completion.