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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Leadership and Counseling

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Jaclynn Tracy

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Polly Buchanan


This study attempted to identify the impact of the recent expansion in the quota system among Quota-Based Students (QBS) and General Category Students (GCS) at the Indian Institute of Technology (Madras) (IIT(M)). The study emphasized various institutional behaviors that affected the students and their educational endeavors and examined the impact of institutional practices on the students. This study examined some of the socialization practices of QBS and GCS based on Van Maanen and Schein’s (1979) work and revealed that hostels (residence halls) played a significant role especially among QBS educational endeavors at IIT(M). Van Maanen and Schein’s (1979) investiture socialization perspective was extensively evident among various student groups that were allowed by the institution to continue with their previous espoused values within the institution. Right from the admission criteria which is based on caste, numerous signs of social stratification reinforced the class hierarchy along with the existence of various aspects of deficit thinking among QBS at IIT(M). Existence of social stratification within the institution also portrayed traces of stigma consciousness among QBS at the IIT(M). Based on the findings of this research, the co-existence of QBS and GCS along with the emergence of social and academic streams was clearly evident at IIT(M). These two streams shared various similarities with Tinto’s (1988) formal and informal dimensions model. How these groups of students managed to survive in harmony without divesting their Schein’s artifacts, espoused values and underlying assumptions is one of the major outcomes of this study. The results of this study have recommended various strategies to develop programs that will improve the institutional experience and help gain better educational equity among QBS and GCS at IIT(M), India.