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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Leadership and Counseling

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Barbara Bleyaert

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David Anderson

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Lisabeth Margulus

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William Price


This study explored teacher perceptions of the inclusion of student growth data into the teacher evaluation process and the relationship(s) these perceptions might have on school culture. A positive correlation (p <.001) was found between the inclusion of VAM into the teacher evaluation process and motivation to collaborate. Key findings include participants working in priority designated schools were less likely to collaborate; participants with more knowledge about VAM had more positive perceptions; and participants in nonurban schools or smaller schools had more positive perceptions of VAM. Significant main effects for urban location (p = .001), number of teachers (p = .005), and level of knowledge (p = .05) were found. Participants in priority or urban schools indicated they don’t want to collaborate at a higher level than their counterparts in non-priority or nonurban schools. The inclusion of VAM appears to lead participants into isolation, not necessarily competitive relationships.

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