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Master of Science (MS)

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Flora Hoodin, PhD, Chair

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Michelle Byrd, PhD

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Karen Saules, PhD


In primary medical care settings, problems with providing appropriate behavioral care led to development of the integrated care model providing behavioral services alongside medical services. The present study explored the potential need for this model at a Midwest university health center, by investigating how two behavioral questionnaires influenced providers’ prescription of psychotropic medications and referrals for behavioral intervention. After random assignment to condition, 109 participants in the experimental condition completed the mentalhealth- oriented Patient Health Questionnaire and the college-adjustment-oriented College Health Questionnaire, and 91 control participants received treatment as usual. Results indicated significantly higher rates of discussion of behavioral problems and prescription of psychotropic medications (not behavioral referrals) for the experimental condition. Patients in the experimental condition and providers both indicated a desire to use the questionnaires in future visits. These findings suggest that university health services would be fertile ground for implementation of an integrated care model.

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