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The purpose of this study was to examine parent, student, administrator, and staff satisfaction with supplemental education services (SES) provided at a small, nonprofit, community-based, African-centered program (Alkebu-lan Village) that focused on improving English language arts and mathematics achievement among at-risk high school students. Alkebu-lan Village, an SES provider, offered an integrated comprehensive program that combined academic tutoring with breakfast and lunch, as well as social and physical activities. A mixed methods study was conducted to determine if participation in a SES (Alkebu-lan Village) improved high school students’ reading and mathematics achievement. Student records were used to obtain the pre and post scores on the Wide Range Achievement Test. Parents, students, tutors, staff, and the program administrator participated in focus groups to determine satisfaction with the services provided by Alkebu-lan Village. The major findings of the study indicated that student achievement improved significantly from the start to completion of their programs with a mean gain of 1.5 grade levels in reading and 1.4 grade-levels gain in math. Parents’ responses to a satisfaction survey provided support that parents were happy with the program. The outcomes related to the focus group interviews indicated that parents, students, tutors, and staff were generally satisfied with the program. Results indicated that the program could benefit from additional funding to help with transportation and more tutors. The primary limitation of this study was the use of one SES. Additional research should use student outcomes and focus groups from more than one SES to obtain a more comprehensive view of the effects of participation in an SES to improve student achievement.

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