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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Health Sciences

Committee Member

Jean Rowan, MD., MS.

Committee Member

Amy Burghardt, M.S., MPH


Technology has the ability to change the way clinical trials are conducted. Technology utilization has expanded into research in the form of handheld smartphones, wearables, and social media. This project explored technologies and assessed which of those technologies are being utilized at a community hospital. A survey was designed, developed, and disseminated to principal investigators and co-investigators of research within the hospital. The results showed that few of the technologies included in the assessment are being utilized by the researchers at the hospital. The most popular technology category being utilized by the researchers is smartphone technology. This research could contribute to the knowledge about the utilization of research technologies to society, as well as to the operational directors of research within the community hospital, which could help reveal which technologies are most useful. This research could also aid in the assessment of technology utilization over time within the same hospital.