Shuziao Li

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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Engineering Technology

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John Texter, PhD

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Harriet Lindsay, PhD


Polymerized ionic liquids (PIL) generally are solids, but a few examples have been reported that also exhibit liquidity in the neighborhood of room temperature called liquid polymerized ionic liquids (LPIL). The development of a platform suitable for exploring LPIL properties based on the monomer 11-bromoundecylacrylate (AcC11Br) was reported. Poly(AcC11Br) is itself a liquid polymer and can be easily used to alkylate 1-methylimidazole to produce poly(AcC11C1ImBr-co- AcC11Br). Various reaction conditions were explored to examine how extensively 1- methylimidazole can be attached to this polymer, and the extent of alkylation is determined quantitatively by silver ion potentiometry. These polymers retain liquidity at and below 70% alkylation with 1-methyimidazole. Many examples produced in the past ten years suggest that the fully alkylated moiety does not melt or exhibit liquidity. The connection between 1- methylimidazolium alkylation and LPIL behavior was established.