Shiyin Yu

Date Approved


Degree Type

Open Access Thesis

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Department or School

Engineering Technology

Committee Member

Vijaykumar Mannari, PhD

Committee Member

Donald Snyder, PhD

Committee Member

Bob Lahidji, PhD


This thesis explored a series of organic-inorganic hybrid polyurethane oligomers with varying molecular weights and functional groups (acrylate and/or silane) that were cured with a single ultraviolet (UV) trigger but two photo-initiators. Upon UV irradiation, the free-radical initiator initiated a free-radical reaction for acrylate cross-linking, and the photo-latent base initiated a sol-gel reaction for condensation of the silanes. This study explored the cure extent of both reactions by FTIR for acrylates and silanes and a weight-loss method for silanes as a function of functional group concentration and time. The general film properties were also studied. The results showed that the free-radical reaction and the sol-gel reaction took simultaneously upon exposure to UV radiation. The extent of the sol-gel reaction was decreased at the presence of acrylate groups. The film properties, like adhesion of the one containing acrylates and silane groups, were increased compared to the system with only acrylate groups.