Faculty Scholarship from 2004

Building empirical models for exchange rates forecasting under the managed exchange rate system, Abraham Mulugetta, Yuko Mulugetta, and Asrat Tessema

Competitive currency devaluations, quantitative easing and volatility of exchange rates, Abraham Mulugetta, Yuko Mulugetta, and Asrat Tessema


Stakeholder conceptions of the corporation: Their meaning and influence in accounting research, Robin W. Roberts and Lois S. Mahoney


Aqui no se habla Agencia. An examination of the impact of adverse selection and framing in decision-making: A US/Mexico comparison, Stephen B. Salter, Philip A. Lewis, and Luis Felipe Juarez Valdes

Faculty Scholarship from 2003


SAS 99: Another implement for the Fraud Examiner's Toolbox, Daniel R. Brickner and Michael A. Pearson

Managing the S corporation built-in gains tax, Linda J. Burilovich and Gary B. McCombs


Measuring the quality of university computer labs using SERVQUAL: A longitudinal study, David W. Hughey, Sudhir K. Chawla, and Zafar U. Khan


Make Excel a little smarter, Lois S. Mahoney and Charles Kelliher

Spreadsheets with something extra, Lois S. Mahoney and Judith K. Welch


Prospects and challenges for developing securities markets in Ethiopia: An analytical review, Asrat Tessema


The reverse favourite-longshot bias and market efficiency in major league baseball: An update, Linda M. Woodland and Bill M. Woodland

Faculty Scholarship from 2002

Exploring safe harbors for S corporation debt, Linda J. Burilovich

Challenges facing higher education: The need for planning, Michael Harris and Susan E. Moeller


Comparative analysis of accounting treatments for derivatives, Angela L. J. Hwang

The effects of the Alternative Minimum Tax on banks' municipal bond investments, Buagu Musazi, B. Anthony Billings, and Angela L. J. Hwang

Indonesian Stock and Foreign Exchange Market linkages and causality: Evidence from weekly data, Mahmud Rahman, Matiur Rahman, and Muhammad Mustafa

Faculty Scholarship from 2001


Implementation of SFAS 138, Amendments to SFAS 133, Angela L. J. Hwang, Robert E. Jensen, and John S. Patouhas

Practical issues in implementing FASB 133, Angela L. J. Hwang and John S. Patouhas

Vigilant spreadsheets, Charles Kelliher and Lois S. Mahoney

Long-run and short-run dynamics between foreign exchange and stock markets: Evidence from Thailand and the Philippines, Mahmud Rahman, Matiur Rahman, and Muhammad Mustafa


Market efficiency and profitable wagering in the National Hockey League: Can bettors score on longshots?, Linda M. Woodland and Bill M. Woodland

Faculty Scholarship from 2000


Cost/benefit tradeoffs relating to reductions in postretirement health care benefits in the SFAS 106 environment, Howard J. Bunsis and Susan Riffe

Doctrinal views on exchange rate determination; An eclectic approach, Dilip K. Ghosh, Abraham Mulugetta, and Asrat Tessema

Using Monte Carlo Simulation to improve long-term investment decisions, Charles F. Kelliher and Lois S. Mahoney

PC movies get two thumbs up for computer application training, Lois S. Mahoney and Judith K. Welch