Submissions from 2013

Afrocentricidade e Educação: Na senda do progresso: Brasil e EUA, Ana Maria Monteiro-Ferreira

Bases Teóricas do Paradigma Afrocêntrico, Ana Maria Monteiro-Ferreira and A. Alkebulan

The state of Africana studies today: Essays on scholarship and pedagogy, Victor Oguejiofor Okafor

Towards an understanding of Africology (4th ed.), Victor Oguejiofor Okafor


Monitoring and managing cloud computing security using denial of service bandwidth allowance, Biswajit Panja, Bharat Bhargava, Sourav Pati, Paul Dayton, Leszek T. Lilien, and Priyanka Meharia


Cybersecurity in banking and financial sector: Security analysis of a mobile banking application, Biswajit Panja, Dennis Fattaleh, Mark Mercado, Adam Robinson, and Priyanka Meharia


Highly polar states of Rydberg atoms in strong magnetic and weak electric fields, Eric G. Paradis, S. Zigo, and G. Raithel


Exile, return, Ouidah, and Haiti: Vodun’s workings on the art of Edouard Duval-Carrié, Toni Pressley-Sanon

Haiti: Witnessing as revolutionary praxis in Raoul Peck’s films, Toni Pressley-Sanon


One plus one equals three: Marasa consciousness, the Lwa, and three stories, Toni Pressley-Sanon

Aesthetics and the tragedy of religion, Jeremy Proulx

Art and the fecundity of nature, Jeremy Proulx

Religion as a creative endeavour: Schelling’s philosophical letters, Jeremy Proulx

Revisiting the freedom-nature distinction: Kant on the prolongation of life, Jeremy Proulx

The illusion of freedom, the tragedy of fate, and the moral development of Ender Wiggin, Jeremy Proulx and Kevin S. Decker

Across the divide: Union soldiers view the northern home front, Steven J. Ramold


Strategies to enhance student success: A discourse analysis of academic advice in international student handbooks, Nick J. Romerhausen

Localizing the threat: Hokkaido and Cold-War security, Tomoyuki Sasaki


The dynamics of the revenue–expenditure nexus: Evidence from US state government finances, James W. Saunoris

Phoenician-Punic religion, Philip C. Schmitz

Envisioning sustainability, J. Michael Scoville


Historical environmental values, J. Michael Scoville

Welfare pluralism and sustainability, J. Michael Scoville


Identification of high-risk communities for unattended out-of-hospital cardiac arrests using GIS, Hugh M. Semple, Michael T. Cudnik, Michael Sayre, David Keseg, Craig R. Warden, and Comilla Sasson


A comparative analysis of changes in the phasing of temperature and satellite-derived greenness at northern latitudes, Ma Ting, Zhou Chenghu, Pei Tao, and Yichun Xie