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Making Assessment Useful

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Frostburg State University's Information Literacy Programs have been directly impacted by the mandates of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the Maryland Higher Education Commission. The primary goal for librarians is to assess students' levels of learning as a result of instruction. We, at Lewis J. Ort Library, have created several assessment tools; however, there is more work to be done. First, a team of librarians will develop standard rubrics to assess information literacy as a result of instruction in English 101 classes. The second task is to implement a cyclical assessment process. Finally, assessment will be introduced for the upper-level classes targeting student learning of information fluency goals.

Assessment at Frostburg State University works well as a result of strong administrative support and faculty collaboration with librarians. Without administrative and faculty support, it would not have been possible to accomplish what has been completed so far. Stakeholders recognize that assessment is an ongoing process and is a tool to determine whether the students are indeed learning information that is articulated in the stated goals.

Participants will learn how the assessment process has been impacted by external mandates. This assessment process was further refined as a result of a general education program review at Frostburg State University. Participants will be able to see different examples of assessment tools that are currently used by librarians. The presentation will also include some discussion of similar mandates from other accreditation agencies in the United States.