LOEX Conference Proceedings 2011

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Enlightened Leadership: Motivating Excellence

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How does a random email become a graduate student internship and what can be learned from the mentoring experience? What started as email correspondence from an MLS student seeking librarian mentors in her home state turned into meeting in person, and eventually an internship at University of Dubuque's Charles C. Myers Library. Spring 2011 is the first time library staff have had the opportunity to welcome a MLS graduate student intern. The internship primarily focuses on information literacy, involving the student in a thriving, curriculum-integrated program that consists of over 500 class sessions per year, delivered by five librarians. Staff created a mutually-valuable experience, helping the student develop her professional voice.

Presenters will share the planning process, including how communication and shared goals are key elements of a successful match. They will reflect on their learning and teaching experiences, sharing examples of personal and professional growth. Participants will engage in discussion of their own institutions' mentoring practices, sharing ideas that can be applied broadly to develop interns, student workers, paraprofessionals, and librarians new to the profession. Many libraries may not have opportunities for MLS-level interns, so practical recommendations to support meaningful mentoring and valuable partnerships within any library instruction program will be discussed.