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Open Access Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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College of Technology

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Walter W. Tucker, PhD, Chair

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Alphonso R. Bellamy, PhD

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Robert E. Chapman, PhD

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Ron M. Westrum, PhD


This study investigates a comprehensive quality management system (QMS) and its influence on multiple work-related outcomes. It examines certified quality systems used in the automotive industry to test whether QMS audit readiness mediates the relationship between quality factors and outcomes. A survey instrument, encompassing quality award criteria and system certification precepts, helped identify factors associated with high-performance. Regression results showed several factors, including leadership and process management, as being critically important in predicting work outcomes. Human resources emerged as being critical to most outcomes. Audit readiness did not emerge as a mediating variable, but rather as a significant process outcome. This research offers an understanding of the factors that are critical to achieving high performance and multidimensional competitive advantage.

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