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Open Access Thesis

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Master of Science (MS)

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Engineering Technology

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Shinming S Shyu PhD, RA, LEED AP, Chair

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Jiang Lu, PhD

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Megan Endres, PhD


This paper looks into the issue of Saudi Arabia becoming an active player within globalization. The context of entering into globalization for Saudi Arabia is harnessing the tenets of higher education. In its history Saudi Arabia traditionally practiced gendersegregated education. Saudi Arabia has made a bold attempt in its education practice to allow coeducation to take place at one of their universities. This university seeks to become a global leader in the area of science and technology, thereby providing Saudi Arabia with the beginnings of a global city. Designing a global city out of a society with a gender-segregated lifestyle is a new field of study in the western world of design. Through researching how this culture accommodates gender roles, this paper hopes to inspire Saudi Arabian designers who are capable of understanding traditional culture and the bringing for new concepts that can support new gender relations within public life.