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Campus Only Dissertation

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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College of Technology

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Alphonso Bellamy PhD, Chair

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Nick Blanchard PhD

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Dan Fields, PhD


The purpose of this research is to determine if knowledge management, job design, and organizational climate can influence an employee’s perception of quality. This study uses a Likert scaled survey instrument to collect data utilizing a modified questionnaire as designed and validated by Hackman & Oldham (JDS), Maier & Mosley (KMAT), Payne & Mansfield (OCI), and SERVQUAL by Parasuraman, Berry, & Zeithaml. The data suggested organizational climate and knowledge management had an influence on perceptions of quality systems. The data also indicated job design did not directly influence perceptions of quality but did moderate the relationships between knowledge management, job satisfaction, and perceptions of quality. The data did support the theory that organizational climates moderate the relationship between knowledge management and job design.