Faculty Scholarship from 2018


‘Wanting more from Mr. Eliot’: Muriel Rukeyser, T. S. Eliot, and the uses of poetry, Elisabeth Däumer


T. S. Eliot bibliography 2016, Elizabeth Däumer and Dominic Meo


On “queer street”: Queer masculinity and financial agents in Dickens, Meg Dobbins

Teaching the literature survey course: New strategies for college faculty, Gwynn Dujardin, James M. Lang, and John A. Staunton


Once upon a time a boy lived on Lake Minnetonka, Harry E. Eiss


Finding the “brave spaces”: Reclaiming teacher professionalism, Cathy Fleischer


BDS, credibility, and the challenge to the academy, Rachel S. Harris and Martin B. Shichtman

L'impromptu de Hannah = Hannah cut in, Carla Harryman

Sue in Berlin, Carla Harryman

Errant pedagogy in the early modern classroom, or prodigious misreadings in and of the Renaissance, Melissa J. Jones


Failures of community: Andrić in Andrićgrad, Nataša Kovačević

Uncommon alliances: Cultural narratives of migration in the new Europe, Nataša Kovačević


Why I teach online (even though I don't have to), Steven D. Krause


A practical guide to ethics in public relations, Regina Luttrell and Jamie Ward

Blissfield, Heather Neff

Re-visioning the American literature survey for teachers and other wide-awake humans, John A. Staunton

Faculty Scholarship from 2017


Eloquence divine: In search of God's rhetoric, Phillip Arrington

Conversations with Gary Snyder, David Stephen Calonne

The spiritual imagination of the Beats, David Stephen Calonne


The Adelphi Theatre Calendar, Version 3: The completion of the revised Adelphi Theatre Calendar ends a project begun in 1973, Gilbert B. Cross


“What did you cut it off for, then?”: Self-harming heroines in Villette, The Mill on the Floss, and Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Meg Dobbins

Seeking God in the works of T. S. Eliot and Michelangelo, Harry Edwin Eiss

Merge, labeling and their interactions, Samuel David Epstein, Hisatsugu Kitahara, and T. Daniel Seely

Funny thing about murder: Modes of humor in crime fiction and films, David Geherin

Touching voids in sense, Rob Halpern